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#18DEdays Programme

Tuesday 25 September 2018

9:00 – 13:30: DHC+ steering committee & Assembly (DHC+ Members only)
To attend this session, please register by following this link.

13:30 – 17:00 Technical Site Visits

16:00 – 17:30 Euroheat & Power extraordinary General Assembly (members only)
Scandic Marina Congress Centre in the Press Room
Members should register to attend the General Assembly HERE

19:00 – 20:30 Get together at the city hall of Helsinki

City of Helsinki

Civic Reception courtesy of the Mayor Jan Vapaavuori of Helsinki and team.
Join us for a glass or two and light dinner at the City Hall ! The reception will be the first official event and will give you the opportunity to meet the other participants.

  • Mayor Jan Vapaavuori  (or representative)

Wednesday 26 September 2018

08:30 – 17:30 Registration desk open
09:00 – 09:45 Welcome Coffee & Business Exchange

09:45 – 12:00 Opening Ceremony

Master of Ceremony, followed by a performance not to be missed!


Welcome Address

  • Werner Lutsch President, Euroheat & Power
  • Jukka Leskelä Managing Director, Finnish Energy


Panel: The District Energy Revolution

  • Moderator:
    • Paul Voss | Euroheat & Power
  • Panellists:
    • Claire Roumet | Covenant of Mayors
    • Esa Hyvarinen | Fortum
    • Marko Riipinen | Helen Oy 
    • Michael Brown | Delta-ee
    • David Turk | International Energy Agency
    • Rob Thornton | International District Energy Association    

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch & Business Exchange

13:30 – 14:45 Parallel sessions

Society: Hometown Heat? What Role for DHC in Sustainable Cities?

In a world where more and more people live in urban areas and heating and cooling continue to account for the largest share of energy demand, delivering green heating and cooling to our cities will be among the most important challenges within the overall energy transition. To those of us in the industry, DHC seems like a natural fit but how do the cities themselves feel about it? Are we delivering what they need? What could we do better/differently/more? A panel composed of city representatives and DHC operators will talk it all through.

  • Moderator:
    • Sofia Lettenbichler| Euroheat & Power
  • Panellists:
    • Alpo Tani | City of Helsinki
    • Susana Paardekooper | UN Environment
    • Rodolphe de Beaufort | TILIA
    • Andy Deacon | Climate Alliance

Technology: Digitalisation and DHC: Is Tomorrow already here?

The world ‘digital’ appeared in an EHP programme for the first time ever in 2016. Just a year later, it is increasingly becoming part of the DHC sector’s daily vocabulary. Digitalisation is far more than a buzzword what does it really mean for operators and for customers? A panel of experts will try to move past the hype and present their visions and experience of how digital DHC is (and isn’t) changing our business.

  • Moderator:
    • Leena Sivill | Hansen Technologies

Business: Now that the Customer is King!

Not long ago, most energy providers used the word ‘load’ to describe whatever/whoever was at the end of their network but these days, the customer is king! More and more, the ability of DHC suppliers to provide their increasingly active, sophisticated and demanding customers/users with a high standard of service, transparency and user-friendliness is not just a rhetorical ambition but a basic precondition for their license to operate. How is our sector reacting to this change and what lessons are we learning along the way? Representatives from both sides of the meter will share their perspectives on new business models and customer care in the era of the smart buildings and smarter users.

Side Event brought to you by FORTUM: Heat Market of the future

The megatrends that are influencing the energy sector impacts also the local heat markets, creating different operational and functional environment than the ‘traditional’ one. What conditions have to be shaped so that district heating is able to further develop and create solution for improving air quality and energy efficiency in the cities? To be able to accommodate more renewables and utilising the available recovered (waste) heat? To provide customers with best heating supply solution, that is reliable, green and clean? The expert panel will try to address those issues and more, for the best possible future for district energy.

  • Moderator:
    • Monika Kuusela | Fortum
  • Panellists:
    • Ando Leppiman | Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Estonia 
    • Pernilla Winnhed | Energiforetagen Sweden
    • Heidi Juhler | Fjernvarme, Norway
    • Mikael  Lemstrom  | Fortum

14:45 – 15:15 Refreshments & Business Exchange

15:15 – 16:30 Parallel sessions

Society: The Clean Energy Package: From EU Directives to National Law

The finalisation of the clean energy package is only the the beginning of the end. While the work may be wrapping up in Brussels, the process of transposing the new frameworks on renewables, buildings, market design and other important issues is still to be done. What are the most crucial issues for the DHC industry in this process and how will choices made by national governments affect the sector in practice. Experts with experience at both EU and national level will talk it through.

  • Presentation by Karlis Goldstein, European Commission followed by a panel debate 
  •  Moderator:
    • Birger Lauersen | Danish District Heating Association
  • Panellists:
    • Karlis Goldstein | European Commission 
    • Pentti Puhakka | Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    • Martin Hájek | Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic

Technology: Making DHC Great Again! Upgrading Networks for High Performance

Those of us in the business may be able to see the good in every DHC network but the truth is some perform better than others. What are the key factors that separate the great from the not so great? Which network renovation measures deliver the most bang per buck? Making reference to specific, documented cases, panellists will share innovative and effective strategies for delivering better networks and a better standard of service to both DHC users and the wider community.

  • Moderator:
    • Andres Veske  | Estonian Power and Heat Association

Business: European Leadership in DHC?

As cities and countries around the world begin to either discover or reimagine DHC and its role in the energy transition, how well placed are European companies to lead the way by exporting their products, services and knowledge across the globe? Where are the biggest opportunities? What are the main challenges? Speakers with hands on experience of doing DHC business around the world will share their stories, insights and advice.

  • Moderator:
    • Ville Miettinen | Pöyry 
  • Panellists:
    • Robert Söll | SOLID
    • Michael Schack | ENGIE
    • Jussi Vanhanen | Vexve Oy
    • Johan Stigsson | Wideco

Side Event brought to you by HELEN: Hot topic: Circular economy on the heat market

The hottest topic on today’s energy market is the carbon neutrality; low emissions and utilization of renewable energy. A climate-neutral energy future will be achieved through innovative, customer-focused solutions and services. It is most important that no energy is wasted, but it is recycled as far as possible. In the future, utilization of various heat sources will increase, including waste heat from purified waste water, solar heat and waste heat recovered from properties and data centres. Heat pumps and heat storages will play significant role in the district heating system. Waste heat can be utilized in district heat by using district cooling. The heating need in the summer can be met in full by recycled heat in the near future.

  • Possibilities for utilizing circular economy on the heat market in Europe
    Mr. Paul Voss, Managing Director, Euroheat & Power
  • Forerunner of recycling waste heat, case Helsinki
    Mr. Marko Riipinen, Director, Helen Ltd
  • Panel discussion
  • Moderator:
    •  Mrs. Maiju Westergren, Director, Helen Ltd. Discussion in Finnish.
  •  Panellists:
    • Kaisa Hernberg | Member of Helsinki City Council
    • Mia Nores | Vapo Ltd
    • Lilli Linkola | Ethica Ltd

16:30 – 17:30 Young DHC Teaches Old Dogs New Tricks

The International DHC+ Student Awards: Launched in 2012, the DHC+ Student Awards highlight outstanding and original contributions to District Heating and Cooling related research, including economic and technological aspects of related energy sources, energy management, and the environmental consequences of energy utilisation.

Awards Ceremony Moderator: 

  • Susana Paardekooper | Aalborg University

♦ 3rd place: GIS based analysis of the district heating potential in France

– Martin Leurent DAS/Itésé, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay, Laboratoire Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec

♦ 2nd place: DHC supply and generation optimization towards 4th generation

– Nicolás Pérez de la Mora | University of Balearic Islands, Sampol Ingeniería y Obras

♦ Winner – 1st place: Medium and long term probabilistic heat demand forecasting in district heating systems using temperature scenarios

– Ilias Dimoulkas KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

19.00 – 22.30 Evening Function at Pörssi


Thursday 27 September 2018

08:30 – 15:30 Registration desk open
08:30 – 09:00 Welcome Coffee & Business Exchange

09:30 – 10:30 Parallel sessions

Society: Cooling

The dual phenomenon of urbanisation and increasing demand for comfort in the developing world and other regions with warm climates are set to move cooling from the margins to the centre of the energy debate in the coming years. What role can district cooling play in meeting the world’s rapidly increasing cooling needs in a sustainable manner? Where are the big opportunities and what challenges will our sector face? Speakers from a diverse range of countries will explain what they are doing to keep both people and the planet.

Technology: DHC and Renewable Energy: What’s the State of Play in Europe Today?

The principle that DHC networks are a great route to market for renewables is now well established but how does this work in practice? In this session, following an overview of the role of renewables in European DHC today, experts involved in innovative projects designed to bring geothermal, solar thermal, biomass and wind power into district energy networks will present their work, sharing the successes and even the failures that have occurred along the way.

  • Moderator:
    •  Alessandro Provaggi | DHC+ Technology Platform

Finnish Track: Network Access Models / / Kaukolämpöverkkojen avaamisen mahdollisuuksia ja haasteita

There is an academic and  political debate in society about TPA to DH networks. TPA to DH networks can happen in a variety of models. But what does the TPA to DH networks really mean? Will regulation be genuinely competitive? what are the costs resulting from the regulated TPA? Does the current TPA model, based on voluntary agreements, need to be changed? Will the competition arise to the extend that benefits consumers at a better service or a at a lower price? During this session, experts will provide answers to these complex and fundamental questions.  

Yhteiskunnassa käydään akateemista ja poliittista keskustelua kaukolämpöverkkojen avaamisesta. Verkkojen avaaminen voidaan toteuttaa lukuisilla eri tavoilla. Mutta mitä verkkojen avaamisella oikeastaan tarkoitetaan? Lisääkö sääntely aidosti kilpailua? Mitkä ovat sääntelyn kustannukset ? Syntyykö kilpailua niin paljon, että se hyödyttää asiakasta parempana palveluna tai alempina hintoina? Tässä sessiossa asiantuntijat antavat vastauksia em. kysymyksiin.

  • Moderator:
    • Jari Kostama | Energiateollisuus ry

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshments & Business Echange

11:00 – 12:30 Parallel sessions

Technology: Let’s get Technical!

Policy ambitions and regulatory frameworks are important but DHC remains a highly technical business and our networks will live or die by the quality of their performance. In this session, industry representatives will discuss a series of key operational challenges and present the innovative solutions they have identified.

Business: DHC and the World of Finance: Bridging the Gap

Due to the capex heavy nature of the sector, discussions about the development of district energy tend to lead quickly to the challenge of funding the necessary investments. On one hand, we hear that the challenge is too big for local authorities to take on themselves. At the same time, it’s often said that DHC projects are too small (or too risky) to interest many institutional investors. In this session, representatives from the worlds of finance, government and industry will discuss these challenges and see what can be done to make DHC networks a more investable proposition. 

  • Moderator:
    • Lily Frencham | The Association for Decentralised Energy 

Finnish Track: City as the owner of DH business / / Kunta kaukolämpöyhtiön omistajana  

The successful development of a DH business requires owners to have a thoughtful and persistent policy regarding their ownership. Most Finnish DH companies are municipal-owned companies. Taking this into consideration, are these municipalities successful as owners? Has the Finnish ownership policy been successful? Is the legislation known to the company’s board of directors? What is the management of a DH company waiting for? This session will reflect on the opportunities and challenges that municipal entities face when they decide to own a DH network.

Kaukolämpöliiketoiminnan tuloksellinen kehittäminen edellyttää omistajilta harkittua ja pitkäjänteistä omistajapolitiikkaa omistuksensa suhteen. Valtaosa suomalaisista kaukolämpöyhtiöistä on kuntien omistamia osakeyhtiöitä. Ovatko kunnat onnistuneet omistajina? Onko omistajapolitiikka ollut onnistunutta? Tunnetaanko lainsäädännön vaatimukset yhtiön hallituksen toiminnalle? Mitä kaukolämpöyrityksen johto odottaa omistajaltaan? Tässä sessiossa pohditaan kuntaomistuksen mahdollisuuksia ja haasteita. 

  • Moderator:
    • Pekka Salomaa | Finnish Energy
  • Presentations by:
    • Omistajaohjauksen rajat ja hyvät käytännöt:                                                                Jyrki Paavilainen | Urban Assets Oy
    • Kunnat ja energiayhtiöt päästöjen ja eurojen ristipaineessa:                          Osmo Soininvaara | Helen Oy
    • Energiayhtiön muutoksen läpivienti kuntakonsernin osana:                                            Patrick Wackström | Porvoon Energia Oy

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Business Exchange

13:30 – 15:00 Parallel sessions

Society: DHC Innovative Ideas for a Changing World

Cities are becoming greener, smarter and closer to nature by investing in the idea that a sustainable urban future is possible. Much of this change is built through the IoT, decarbonized buildings and efficient urban planning. In this context, how will DHC infrastructure support tomorrow’s smart cities? How do we need to re-think our future urban areas? And what about the countryside? What are the business models that can finally bring DHC to rural areas in an efficient and low-cost manner? Key experts in urban planning, architecture and private sector representatives will share the latest trends in the field and will discuss innovative concepts to make DHC a key pillar in the cities and rural areas of the future.  

Business: Waste Heat and Cold: Closing the Loop

In the 2016 Heating and Cooling Strategy and the new Renewable Energy Directive, the EU has put waste heat and cold in the spotlight and underlined the importance and potential value of district energy networks in the process. Yet despite the seemingly obvious appeal of putting this readily available resource to good use, uptake of waste heat and cold remains low for the moment. In this session, we will examine a number of successful cases with a view to learning lessons which can be applied on a wider scale.

  • Moderator:
    • Katja Kurki-Suonio | Finnish Energy

Finnish Track: Latest news of technological development / / Tulevaisuuden teknologiaa

District heating is on the way towards carbon neutrality. Carbon-free energy sources are deployed and waste heat is utilized. Energy systems are increasingly more intelligent and integration with building technology is becoming more common. In this session, you will hear the latest news from various areas of technological development. 

Kaukolämpöala on matkalla kohti hiilineutraaliutta. Päästöttömiä energialähteitä otetaan käyttöön ja hukkalämpöjen hyödynnetään. Energiajärjestelmät muuttuvat yhä älykkäämmiksi ja integraatio talotekniikan kanssa yleistyy. Tässä sessiossa kuulet viimeisiä uutisia teknologisen kehityksen eri alueilta. 

  • Moderator:
    • Veli-Pekka Sirola | Energiateollisuus ry
  • Presentations by:
    • Kaukolämmön menolämpötilan optimointi :                                                                Jouni Laukkanen | Pöyry Finland Oy Energia
    • Rakennusten älykäs energiajärjestelmä: IoT:n ja kysyntäjouston hyödyntäminen lämmityksen ohjauksessa:                                                                                                Risto Kosonen | Aalto-yliopisto
    • Ydinvoima kaukolämmön tuotannossa :                                                                          Ville Tulkki  | VTT Oy
    • Ilmoitetaan myöhemmin:                                                                                                  Tero Saarno | St1 Deep Heat Oy
    • 15:00 – 16:00 Closure – Farewell party & Business Exchange



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